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I have recently started Tarceva and have really not experienced any side effects except for a fever which I believe is related. Is there any truth to the myths that the more severe the side effects and rash the better the drug is working? Has anyone had good results with Tarceva with little to no side effects? I am on day 12. Thanks again for all your help.

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I haven't been on Tarceva but am IIIB so I read about any drug I might ultimately be on. I'm not sure you're out of the window for getting the rash but I wouldn't worry about not getting it. From what I hear, that rash can run from none to mild to really nasty so I'd be happy if I didn't get it. I don't think I'd put too much stock in the view that a drug is only working if you have significant side effects. I'm sure others who have done Tarceva will come in and give you more info. Good luck.

Judy in Key West

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Hi, I can't be positive I'm on Tarceva, because I'm in a clinical trial, but I think I am because I have gotten very dry skin on my face and diarrea. I get very mild rash every once in a while. Anyway, if I am truly on the medication, my side effects are very mild and I have stable scans for 6 months. I have heard that the worse the rash the better results, but I also know there are many cases of it working well for people with minimal side effects.


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"hopeful?" Is there any truth to the myths that the more severe the side effects and rash the better the drug is working?

That's said to be true in general, but there is not a 100% correlation. Some people receive excellent benefit with essentially no side effects, and some have severe side effects with little or no benefit. The best determination would be your next scan.

Your last profile entry indicated "SOB much, much worse" on April 8. If you're on day 12 now, you must have started Tarceva around April 16. How was the SOB when you started Tarceva, and how is it now? That might be a good prescan indication of how well the Tarceva is working. Aloha,


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I have been on Tarceva for a year now. My doctor said that you can't go by the rash as an indication - some get it, some get it very mildly, and some get it very severely. I know mine didn't start until about 3 weeks in and then it was very severe. Now I still get it - it comes and goes - but not necessarily on my face - I get it on my torso, legs, butt - you name it! Other side effects you may or may not get that I have experienced - diarrhea, sores on the nailbeds of my fingers and toes, inflammation/scabbing in my hair follicles(scalp and eyelashes), excessively long eyelashes (I trim them once a week!), and paper cut like splits on my fingers. All very interesting! :D

You must only be a couple weeks in so if you are going to get the rash - you might still (like I said mine came at about 3 weeks - and every day of those 3 weeks I woke up and ran to the mirror praying to see it!) But even if you don't get any of the side effects that doesn't mean the Tarceva isn't working - the only way to know is by your next scans.

I'll be praying for you -


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