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I almost forgot to share this info. A couple of weeks ago my oncologist had me see another oncologist at MDACC who is up to date on the Avastin high blood pressure issue. When she was going over the medications and supplements I take, I mentioned that I am no longer taking the Flora Source that was on the list. I ran out and didn't reorder because it's expensive. I took it for a year, I joked, and it doesn't seem to have done much for my immune system since I was dx'd for cancer during that time. She said not to take it, that taking it or any probiotics is currently very controversial. Afterthought: I didn't think to ask but don't know if she meant people in general, people with cancer in general or people with cancer on chemo?

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I have been on probiotics (as well as other herbs/supplements) for years with the blessing of all my doctors. I love them and have my children on probiotics and phytonutrients also. I never heard anything controversial at all about probiotics.

Maybe your doctor meant it was controversial to take with treatment? Could you ask him for more details and let the board know what he says? It's good to know when something is controversial so we can do our own due diligence.



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Sorry it took me so long to reply. I had been taking Flora Source for a year and had no idea they were being taken and marketed so extensively until I googled the subject after I read the replies to my post. I went to Dr West at the new cancergrace.org and asked about probiotics. I am assuming that the doctor I saw (not my regular onc and not someone I expect to see on any regular basis) was referring specifically to people on conventional cancer treatments. Dr West says he and most conventional oncologists don't recommend treatments for anything for which there is not good research to back it up. He says that too often things assumed to be good for cancer patients on traditional cancer treatments have turned out not to be good. If you are doing chem or radiation and are interested in exactly what he said, go to the site mentional about and the discussion is under "Probiotics."

Judy in Key West

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