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My husband's last radiation treatment was April 15th and his last chemo was April 3rd.

My husband gets dizzy, lightheaded like, when he gets up, 'from bending over'. At one point his BP was going really low and also found a low WBC. The WBC has been taken care of.

His BP fluctuates and the Heart Dr (saw him April 24th again)is changing around his meds to try to regular it again. That does not seem to be the problem. Even when BP is okay this still happens.

Upon mentioning it, the Oncology Dr ordered another Brain scan (4-15-08)and all is okay. Is it possible this is just one of the lasting side effects of the treatment. He is not having any other real issues but notices this whenever he reaches down to pick something up. Any ideas anyone. Other than for this he is doing pretty good this past week. Seeing surgeon again Wednesday. No one yet seems concerned with it. He even mentioned it to the Pulmonary Dr. Have any of you ever had this problem.


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Hi, Mary. I had this during the latter part of my Taxol/Carbo program, though my lungs were improving and my blood pressure and blood counts were fine. Somewhat SOB at times too. The onc decided it was a cumulative effect of the chemo. It slowly resolved after I went on Avastin only. Aloha,


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Thanks Ned. That is good to hear from someone. It doesn't seem a really big thing since he has brought it up and been checked. Yet, always good to know you are not the only one.

He had such a rough time with the treatments and this week has been good finally. He mentioned a few small changes, like back to the better, this week. Maybe in time that too will pass. We will watch it.

He definitely is SOB from what he normally is. His FEV1 on his PFT Friday was 81% before and 87% after. It doesn't seem that it would keep him from surgery. I hope not. I had never read of anyone mentioning this side effect unless at the same time as very sickly during treatments. Thanks again.

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