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She's lost so much weight...


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My sister was tiny to begin with but she's lost about 20 lbs in the past couple of months. I saw her yesterday and she is so frail and thin looking! She says it's because they took about 5 lbs of fluid off of her lung :shock: and because she used to work out a lot and has lost muscle mass.

She's been responding well to the chemo so far but I'm so worried. She can't eat much at one time, and I'm sure she's drinking that Ensure stuff. Anyone have any advice or thoughts? Thanks.

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First off is her Doctor aware of this? make sure she has access to food 24/7 basically and eats whenever she wants to eat. Make sure her doctor knows of this weight loss.

The rulew is basically eat what you want when you want and Drink Lots of water because Dehydration is a nasty little bugger to deal with in the ER. The doctor may be able to prescribe something like Megace to stimulate the appetite and the other possibility might be a feeding tube to ask Oncologist about!

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Hi, I noticed in your profile that on April 21, your sister didn't take any of the antinausea meds. Is she taking them now? My mom takes them on chemo days weather she feels sick or not...Once you get the symptoms, it's too late.

Also, if your sister used to work out, she is probably a bit more nutricious minded than my mom. During chemo, I think calories and fluids are more important than what you are actually eating....If a milkshake and fries sound good, tell her to go for it! My mom tries to eat a little better, but sometimes ice cream ends up being dinner!

Good luck!


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I am so sorry your sister is going thu this. My Bro has stage 3 LC-since Ocotber. he is also naturally thin, but now he is so thin it's hard to handle.

But my bro had a lymphoma 16 years ago, (and he was cancer free till october), and he also got that thin then--but the weight comes back when the chemo and radiation stop. My brother has had major taste changes during both stints with chemo--things he usually loves he can't stand, etc, so don't be discouraged if you bring her her favorite cake and she doesn't want it. Keep in mind she may have other digestive symptoms:reflux, constipation, mouth sores--you've just got to roll with it and try to find things she can eat, and make notes and tell her doctor. The docs can give you stuff to increase the appetite. We all also like to eat meals and snacks with him--seems like the peer pressure makes him eat more--even though he really just doesn't have an appetite. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you all.

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Thank you all. Last night I brought over some soup and she had some of that with me and she said she had some earlier as well. She's drinking these protein shakes mixed with ice cream to try to bulk up a little during the day. She says she can't eat after 7PM because it just doesn't sit well. I appreciate all of your help.

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eating and weight loss is a constant battle with my

husband. As others have said, you sister just needs

to eat whatever sounds good at the time. One more

than one occassion Alan's "dinner" has been a couple

of Ding Dongs :roll: However, 2 ding dongs have 360

calories. Although nutrition is important, keeping

weight on is more important.

Prayers for you and your family.

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I, too, lost lots of weight in the beginning and now am fatter than I have ever been in my life :cry: .

I noticed that I didn't want to eat a lot because of that horrible metallic, tingling taste that my tongue went through when I was on Carbol/Taxol. The nurses told me to use plastic silverware, not metal ones and altho I doubted it, it really helped!!

If she enjoys the soup, try the ones that are creamed soups because they probably have more calories in them!!

Good luck - you and your sister will be in my thoughts.

Hugs - Patti B.

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