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Hello all, I am not new to this sight, but this is the 1st time I've posted anything. I'd like to firstly say thank you to everyone on this sight for alll of the hope that you have given me, and the information from people who have been there--indispensible. Good luck to everyone. I am sorry that we all have to be here.

My sister-in-law (angel & gift) forwarded me the link to this sight last fall when my brother was diagnosed with stage 3b adenocarcinoma. My Bro, Mike, and I took care of my Dad in 1991 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor--glioblastoma mutiform--he only made it 9 monthes. 1 month after that my Bro, mike, was diagnosed with a non-hodgkins lymphoma, it was large and in his chest but after 8 mos, chemo and radiation he was cancer-free for 16 years. Then in October he was diagnosed with the lung cancer. The Docs say it's from the radiation he had all those years ago.

Here is where we really need some help:

Mike just went through 5 mos. chemo--avastin, carboplatin, taxol, and although the tumors are supposedly 50% smaller, he still is in alot of pain. --mostly in his sholder on the side of the bad lung--no mets anywhere, though, from recent pet scan. why is this? no one gives us an answer. Also, the docs say they can't remove the lung and i don't understand why not. And what about stem cells? Can't they help? Can anyone tip me off what we must be missing here? I am a realistic person, but i can't stand to watch my bro in pain and get vague answers from doctors. PLEASE HELP!


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CAtie for the best answers medically you should seek out our on call oncologist at his site;


Dr West is our house oncologist and many of us have memberships there as well as here. He is prompt in returning medical answers. I can tell you all day about these thinggs but I can not advise. It sounds like you have all the good questions, and I do not think we have THOSE answers.

We can offer all the hope and prayers and knowledge in so many other areas of this battle but probably not in these questions can we be of too much assistance.

Stick around with us and we will help wherever we can and whenever we can. Hugs and Prayers for You and your Bro. Also remember Pain management is priority one in any cancer case!

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