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Getting to Know You - April 29


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I always try and conceal the fact that I watch a soap opera regularly. I have watched Days of Our Lives for years now. It's something I always tape and watch later but I just can't miss it. I try and conceal this because often people think soap operas are just crazy!!! Well...maybe they are a little off the wall but after all these years, I feel I know all these people that live in Salem!!!

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I try not to let people know right away that I have cancer!!! My oldest, dearest friend, whom I love so dearly, has a very bad habit of thinking that I want the world to know. She even sometimes feels the need to tell the waitresses at the restaurants!! LOL!!

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That deep down inside, I really am an a$$hole...lol...believe it or not a lot of people think I'm a nice guy after the first impression.

This also depends on the group. Some days I'm just like hey, I'm an a-hole, you can deal with it, or leave me alone, up to you.

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I keep quiet about my own spiritualism. I am not interested in defending my position to others.

Patti I understand what you're saying. There is a lady at my church who has been telling me for three years how she is dying. Not very positive.

JB - I'm sure you're a nice guy! How can you not be.

Sorry Ann - I really don't take to soap operas. Not my cup of tea right now. Nothing wrong with you enjoying them though. :)

Timmy P [1938-2004]

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Well I am pretty much an open book. I honestly can not

say I have any real secrets. Like others, I do keep

my political beliefs to myself (if I am just meeting someone),

those close to me know exactly where I stand. Just

walk by my desk at work, its suttle, but no question

which party I support. :wink:

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Probably that I am still not back at work - for some reason that bothers me. I am not sure that going back full time would be the best for me now, but I just like to keep that quiet if I can.

Other than that, I usually tell anything too.

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