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Prayers needed for my surrogate's mom....


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As many of you may know, I had my babies through a surrogate. We were strangers and now we are the best of friends and more like family.

Randi's mom is a beautiful healthy woman in her 50's. She went to the hospital with pancreatitis a few days ago and now I got the following update from Randi. Please add her to your prayer list, her name is Julie. Thanks!


I am not sure where the infection is but it is becuase her immune system is supressed and cant fight, she has cold sores all over her tongue. She is not doing very well. She now has pnuemonia, has been diagnosed with diabetes, and her organs are being attacked and therefore may start to fail.

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My thoughts are with her and her mother.

As a side note Andrea. I am a two time surrogate. I had twins the first time and a little girl the second time. I was so thankful that there were people like you that would trust me to carry their babies. How did all work for you. I had two wonderful amazing journeys.

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