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My journey with Dad


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Hi... This is my story... My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 metastaic SCLC in April 05. The Dr. only gave him 18mo. Dad fought a brave battle, the tumors in the lung and liver never got bigger,but until about 2 months ago never got smaller either. We were so excited that we finally had new of regression, but we could tell that it was a little to late as Dad was starting to get "tired" On March 20th Dad was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and spent 2 weeks trying to get better. He was taken to the ICU and after a day we were told that there was no more they could do for him and that if he got worse he would need a venilator and would probably not come off. We made him a DNR and stopped all treatments and he was signed on to hospice and transfered to another unit to spend his final day(s).

What happend once he got to the new unit is short of a miracle. He completely turned around. It was amazing... I am not saying that he was up and saying lets go home, but to go from them saying he wont probably make it through the night to wanting to go for a wheelchair ride.. well amazing. He gave us 3 great days after that being goffy and smiling for the first time in a long time. He definitly was a little confused, wanting to go "chop logs" and other funny things.

After the 3rd day he took a turn and we thought he would pass and then again the next day better again. We arranged to take him home the next day and they day he came home he even wanted to go to dinner at his favorite place.. and even went out a bit a few days later... he spent the next week having good and bad days. about a week and a half ago on a Sunday he was well enough to go and enjoy a nice spring day oustide for a wheel chair ride. After that day, he started to decline and this last Thursday April 24th at 11:55pm Dad passed holding my hand.

I know that he is in a better place and is no longer in pain, but I miss him sooo much. I am very gratful for the 3 years we had with Dad and expecially for my children who were able to know Grandpa, even for just a little bit.

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Hi Shelli,

So sorry for your loss. Time will lessen your grief,

and you will see that although your Dad is no longer around in a physical sense, you will feel that somehow he never left and will always be with you.

I can't explain it any better than that, but that is what my experience has been.



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