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Prayers for Heather


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Hi all,

Please send healing prayers for Heather(Hebbie) as she desparately needs them.

I spoke to her husband Brad tonight and she has been on life support (incubated) since Feb and on oxygen 24/7. They did have her off the respirator for awhile but she had to go back on it. So because of that she has a feeding tube.

She is receiving chemo in the hospital about every 3 weeks.

Me and Joel will go and visit her maybe on Friday.

I will find out from Brad if I can give you guys the hospital address so you can send cards.

Meanwhile, please light a candle or just say a prayer for her. She is only 37 and has a son Tyler who is maybe 11 who is now with his dad (Heathers first marriage) previously he was with his mom and Brad.

My heart breaks for her, she has been such a positive attribute for LC on the news in articles and of course started Heathers walk for Lungevity. I think maybe her walk was one of the first.

Let's stay positive and pray for a miracle...


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will say extra special prayer tonite under the stars!

This is so sad to hear...

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Maryanne, I can't say thank you for this news, but I am glad that you called Brad so you could update us.

I am devasted by this news. She is so young and vibrant and beautiful. She has put a face to this dreadful disease with her story in print and on TV.

Heather was the first person from this site that I met in person. It was at a wellness community seminar on lung cancer. Her love story with Brad is beautiful. Her committment to lung cancer awareness is unparalled.

I am sending many prayers and good thoughts for her recovery. I would appreciate the opportunity to send her a card.

Thanks Maryanne.

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