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Getting to Know You - May 1


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Although I love a good who-done-it movie, for the most part I tend to like movies that you can enjoy and relate to. So, I guess my favorite movie would have to be Steel Magnolias. I have seen that movie too many times to count and I can always watch it again. My boys tell me that I should know all of the lines by heart. For me, it's one of those chick flicks that I can watch and get a good guaranteed cry from it.

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I have many favorites but I think the one I always remember when this question is asked is an old movie I saw back in the '50s. The name of the picture was China Doll and it stared Victor Mature. I remember only a couple of sceens but they have always stayed with me.

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Impossible...I have too many favorites...It just depends on my mood...I'll give the JB list of must owns, and I'll probably miss some of my own favs too but here we go.


Field of Dreams



We Are Marshall

Bobby Jones

Seems like there's a theme there somewhere.

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Just one? I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one. My favorite old movie is Rear Window-- I could watch it over and over. My other favorites are -- Julia, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, and Sleepless in Seattle. If I can only choose one of those -- it has to be Sleepless in Seattle.

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