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hospice is coming in


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Hello all - we will be engaging hospice services. My dad has just gotten progressively weaker and weaker over the past few weeks. He cannot withstand any more chemotherapy and just as well because it was not working anyway.

He is currently in the hospital after receiving a transfusion yesterday evening. Most likely after a consult with his doctors the hospice we have chosen will come and meet with us tomorrow. Honestly my Dad has been really confused/tired/weak lately that I don't know how much he realizes what is going on.

My mom took this the hardest - she's worked so hard caring for him over the past several months and stayed on top of everything. But I think after hospice comes in she'll see how much of a help and a Godsend they can be. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks or for whatever time we have left.

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Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts. Friday was a very difficult day - between the oncologist stopping treatment, talking w/the hospice people, Dad getting discharged to go home, etc. Friday night - he was really sick but thankfully the hospice nurses had a compounding pharmacy whip up some kind of gel to help with all that was going on. It goes on your wrist and is called BARPH gel. I guess the BARPH stands for whatever drugs are in it. It is one moment at a time right now. Currently Dad is in no pain, he is not nauseated, he is able to sip water, coke or juice and sleeps alot. He is "with it" most of the time when he's awake and sometimes he's confused about things. All in all - it's going OK. The hospice nurse that came out Saturday morning has assured us that we will not get in a situation where Dad is in a struggle and we are helpless what to do. That has been my biggest fear.

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I haven't been here for the last 2 months and wasn't aware of your Dad's progression. I've thought of e-mailing you several times, but just couldn't do it. I am so sorry to hear this.

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Wishing you all peace.


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It was the most peaceful precious moment of my life.

I am so sorry for your loss yet so happy that your dad's passing was so serene. May this moment remain with you forever... a celebration of your father's life rather than a mourning of his death.



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