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Hi all

I am a almost 3 year lung cancer surviver my home page can be found at the lung cancer alliance. I will be leaving soon on a road trip to the west coast and back. I'm posting today because I NEED YOUR HELP to put a voice and face on lung cancer.

I'll be following the old Lincoln hwy. sometimes called RT-30 west to Portland, south along the west coast and returning on Rt-10 east to I-95 north to DC home. if any one would like to participate, please contact me at the lung cancer alliance site or directly rjmaxwell@rcn.com.

I am not a professional movie producer, I am not financially supported by any organization. I am motivated by my personal experiences with lung cancer and I hope that this documentary will appeal to the basic humanity of those individuals and groups that can influence a more humane and comprehensive treatment for cancer victims. And maybe, dare I say, a cure.

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Dear RJMax,

I cannot wait to tell Bill of your venture.

The Old Lincoln Highway has been somethiing in which Bill has always been interested. He was drawn to its history for some reason. No one in the family (youngsters :lol: ) did not know to what he was referring.

He would follow the route in bygone maps, and would argue (lol) with relatives, who were not apprised of it.

May you be very successful in your journey. :D

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, and I am particularly sure he will be thinking of your trek.

I copied and saved the contact information that you submitted here. Good luck to you and know that we will try to follow your sojourn.

Excelsior :!:

Barbara and Bill

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