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There are some things about the new format that I do like. Some of our members, however, may have trouble with the opening page - the blue print on the purple or is it the purple print on the blue background- for example.

I agree with Denise that the font is way, way too small. It's really a strain to read the small print - which means some of us won't do as much reading. The last thing we want to do is to become less accessible to our members.

Just my opinion, but I think an awful lot of space is wasted with all the white spaces around the left and right edges.

I do appreciate all the effort that everyone has invested to make this happen. Now, if you could just do a little fine tuning.

Thanks, Muriel

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:D I like much of what you've done and I'm sure it took a lot of hard work! Thanks for all of your efforts for us.

I agree with Denise. The font is too small. I find it hard to read and, I'm sure, others will also. The last thing we want to do is to make the site less accessible to some of our members. Some may also have trouble seeing the blue print against the purple background (or is it purple print on a blue background?) on the opening page.

All of the white on the sides creates a lot of glare, which I find annoying. All that white space seems wasted to me.

Thanks for all of your hard work to improve the site.



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I, too, have old eyes and am having a lot of trouble reading the posts. I, too, cannot find the 'view' to make the font larger.

I understand and appreciate the work of Katie and Rick, but I agree about too much white space. Don't need to see the menu on the side on every screen.

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Thanks everyone,

Please go to the technical forum if you are having trouble with the font size. You can manually change this yourselves on your computer.

NED explained it very well. From internet Explorer, if you go to your internet options and click on Accessability-

then you can click on Ignore font on webpages.

Then you can go to your Page or TOOLS options and choose Text Size.

It is difficult to walk each person thru this because everyones computer is a different type and age and some are using Windows while others are on Vista, and don't even get me started on those on you on a MAC.

But these are the general instructions on how to change your font.

More answers!!

*There's nothing that be done about the color. While the last LCSC message board colors were so much easier to read, this is our color now. LUNGevity colors are purple, so there's nothing I can to change it.

*There's also nothing that can be done about the white space on either side. Also, remember that not all computer monitors are the same so what may seem like ALOT of white space on your computer looks like a small amount of space on others. So ss far as the white space on either side of the message board-

This is not a separate website anymore.

This is now a function and service of LUNGevity so we have been retro-fit into the LUNGevity Website, which means our message board needs to fit into their current template that runs each and every aspect and multi-function of their website. We only get a fixed amount of space.

Hope that answers some of your questions as we work out the kinks and get used to our new "skin"


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I'm back again.....looking for 'view'....can't find it..and I've tried everything else ...I even googled it for Window's XP.....so I guess I won't be on as much now...cause it is too hard for me to read......thanks again Katie and Rick....but can't help these ole eye's of mine....waaaaaaa!!!

hugs to all and I will be checking in from time to time...

nonni xoxoxox

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Looks Wonderful!!! I know it's going to take more then two or three days to work out the kinks, but this is very nice and very little change. I'm sure the Font will get taken care of too.

Thanks Rick, Katie and LUNGevity for ALL you do for us!!! Your greatly appreciated. This is no easy task. I'm sure you'll have everything ironed out in no time. :wink: In the mean time I'll pratice patience. :wink: Thanks again to all who are working hard on giving us a wonderful safe place to support one another. You all have my support!!!!! :D

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YAYYYYY! I hope!

I haven't been able to log in since the changeover, but it looks like I may have finally got it to work!

Things have been crazy!

Mom has had her second biopsy (Wang Needle, bronchoscopy). Now we are waiting AGAIN!

Mom has an appt. with Dr Ronald (guy who did biopsies) on the 12th...hoping to get the results then.

Otherwise, Mom is feeling pretty great, and we're enjoying the heck out of eachother.

sending tons of love,


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