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Kinks and Bumps- working them out!


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Check this page or the technical forum for how to iron out some of the kinks you might experience with your personal computer and this new version of the website.

This was posted recently about the SMALL text and how to change it.

http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... 388#355388

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Please go to the technical forum if you are having trouble with the font size. You can manually change this yourselves on your computer.

NED explained it very well. From internet Explorer, if you go to your internet options and click on Accessability-

then you can click on Ignore font on webpages.

Then you can go to your Page or TOOLS options and choose Text Size.

It is difficult to walk each person thru this because everyones computer is a different type and age and some are using Windows while others are on Vista, and don't even get me started on those on you on a MAC.

But these are the general instructions on how to change your font.

More answers!!

*There's nothing that be done about the color. While the last LCSC message board colors were so much easier to read, this is our color now. LUNGevity colors are purple, so there's nothing I can to change it.

*There's also nothing that can be done about the white space on either side. Also, remember that not all computer monitors are the same so what may seem like ALOT of white space on your computer looks like a small amount of space on others. So ss far as the white space on either side of the message board-

This is not a separate website anymore.

This is now a function and service of LUNGevity so we have been retro-fit into the LUNGevity Website, which means our message board needs to fit into their current template that runs each and every aspect and multi-function of their website. We only get a fixed amount of space.

Hope that answers some of your questions as we work out the kinks and get used to our new "skin"


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If someone is having trouble actually reading the text because of the color scheme, there IS a way to turn off the background colors. That leaves a rather plain looking screen without the background grid, but at least it's readable. It also eliminates those heavy horizontal lines in the box to the left which hides some of the links if you've changed font sizes. To turn off colors in Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Options > General > Accessibility and check the box "Ignore colors specified on web pages."

Note there's also an option to "Format documents using my style sheet" which I've never used, but I'll try to do some experimenting in the next few days. Aloha,


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We didn't have big changes. We simply moved our data onto new servers and upgraded a 5+ year old software that was beginning to not work well anymore, and finally became a part of LUNGevity (Which happened on paper August 2006 and finally happened on the web last week)

I know a lot of people don't like change- but hang in there with us. We are the same LCSC family with the same message board and postings and members.

Thanks for your patience!

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I'm going to do a little searching around to see if the answer's out there...but what's with some of the pictures working and some of them not??

I see an awful lot of red x's where pictures should be (including mine LOL)...does the new software not play nice with some of the hosting sites maybe??

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It's still the same. This software wants your pic to be LESS than 150x225 which means you need to resize your avatars to no more than 140x224 for it to upload.

Strange, I know.

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Another solution to the FONT SIZE is on the bottom right side of Internet Explorer you will see a percentage (probably 100%). You can click there and it will enlarge your screen to whatever you choose. Ned's solution is permanent unless you change it back. This one is only good until you close the Explorer.

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