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Scan time for my dad and I am getting a ct too (5/19 iupdate


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Out of supersticion had to post. My dad is getting his chest ct-scan and I am getting an abdominal/pelvic one. I have been having bad stomach pain for two weeks that I was trying to ignore b/c I didn't want a scan, but finally gave in and called the dr. :)

My mom is status quo, she is not due until August for her scans.

I just had someone laugh at me, I called the imaging center I am going to tomorrow and said "Hi, do you h ave a service where if a dr orders a ct-scan you can pay the radiologist a fee to discuss your results with you right away?" She laughed and said no and sounded like it was the most insane question ever. Hey, I tried! :)

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Of course I wish good scans for the both of you - on yours, though...

I had an abdominal CT a few months after surgery. That nasty stuff they make you drink: tastes better cold and in the "lemon" flavor. Also, FRANK LAMB and I had discussion over what it did AFTER the scan - take some Immodium with you and whatever you do, do not break wind. SOME people get diarrhea from the "beverage" - I made it home before it hit me, not everyone does...

I know, TMI - but I wish I had known the possibility going in so it wouldn't have been two days with the "issue" before I called my doctor.

Take care, I'm not even going to waste my time telling you not to worry! :roll:



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Thanks everyone :)

My dad is stable, yay!

I have an ovarian cyst which I am being treated for, no big deal. I also have a benign mass in the colon which is now 5X4, it is growing, I have an appt with the surgeon on Tues to see if we take it out.

That's about it.

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I am sorry you will have to have surgery. It's hard to be laid up with little ones but I am sure the grandparents will be glad to help out. Congratulations to your dad-- we love good news.


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So glad to hear Dad is Stable! HOORAY DAD!!!!! That calls for a celebration!!!!! Give dad a hug from me please and tell him I've been cheering him on for some time now! :wink:

As for you, well, I too have an ovarian cyst that has been there for 15 years. It's just hanging out! I think that colon mass should come out. Just a mothers opinion. No point in letting it sit there and worry you when it can come out of there and life can be back to normal again. (((Andrea)))

Will be waiting to hear what the surgeon says. HAPPY MOM'S DAY to you and to your MOM!!

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Andrea - glad the results turned out well for both you and your dad. I read your first post and was going to start helping you worry and then realized you already had your results. Glad things turned out good for your dad and that they have some options for treatment for you ... so glad it is a benign mass and good luck with your surgical appointment...keep us posted.


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Just a quick update on me, I don't need the major colon surgery for now. Yay! I will be re-scanned for the growth in January. Instead I get my gallbladder out tomorrow, that was the source of pain.

Thanks for the good thoughts!

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