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How long a Port stays in


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We are wondering how long does the Port usually stay in. What is it based on.

We keep forgetting to ask. My husband will have surgery on 16th. It was mentioned already that maybe more chemo. If not used for while, does it hurt anything. We have no idea how this works. He feels it will close up.

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Hi, Mary. My port has been in 19 months, and it hasn't been used for chemo since October 2007, when I went on Tarceva. I go into the clinic every month to have it flushed out -- it's accessed like I was going to get chemo through it, then a small amount of saline is injected to keep the line open. Takes maybe 5 minutes. I think it can be left in indefinitely as long as it's causing no problem and there is a possibility of further chemo. Aloha,


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Thanks Ned for your post. I read it earlier and had reason to call doctor's office today and inquired. My husband has an appointment with the doctor Monday and the girl I spoke with said he can go to that area and get it flushed then. She also confirmed he would be put on a monthly schedule.

Good thing my husband questioned it as no one had mentioned it.

Andrea, thanks for your reply. What preciousl children. Look like they might have been teething in the larger picture. :D I hope your Mom and Dad continue on okay.

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