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For those of you following my back pain saga I met with the surgeon and his pa on Mon. and went over the info on doing the biopsy. The procedure will be next Thursday the 15th. He said it should only take about 20 mins. and that I probably would be out of work a couple days. He also talked about the possibility of it being a met and that they didn't think so because of the pet being negative, no sign of other mets and go figure because they new I had injured myself. He also said that's why they want the biopsy so they can be 100% certain it's not. I told him that other than dealing with the back pain I'm also a nervous wreck over this. He told me to try and get used to it that probably for the rest of my life because I had cancer anything that comes up suspect whether an injury or not that they will always have to rule out and confirm that something is not a met (within reason) before they start treatment. I guess I have to say I'm pretty happy and somewhat relieved, I know not 100% but hopefully the biopsy will prove that and I can go see an orthopedic doc. like the regular injured back patients.

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The waiting is tough to be sure; however, due to your great medical team you should have some news to post in the good news forum very soon I am sure.

It is so true that cancer colors everything in life - from a cold to aches and pains. We don't get the luxury of just thinking we are getting old or run down - our minds automatically go to something cancer related. It sounds as though your docs believe it is nothing but a regular old (no insult there) injured back, but are doing due dilligence to ensure that.

Next step ... ortho doc!


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Just a little update I had the biopsy done yesterday and the Doc. believes he was able to get a good sample. My wife asked if he had any info and he said no we woudn't know anything till sometime next week. So I guess I will continue to wait and enjoy the new pain meds till I get some news. Thanks again for all the positive thoughts and prayers and back at you all with my positive thoughts and prayers.

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