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new mets to brain


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My mother got her results today from the scan and the MRI. The scan showed an improvement according to the Dr.,(my dad couldn't see any change) but he also noted that the lung tumor had changed shape???? The really bad news is that she once again has mets to the brain. He counted four, each the size of a pencil eraser. They go on Monday to me with the radiologist, again. It looks like WBRT this time. Her platelets are starting to come up, they have reached 52 today. We are done with chemo for now. I just don't know what to expect next. She is very down. All these chemo treatments with the other tumors shrinking, just to turn around and have new ones in the brain! In Sept. she had a very large brain tumor removed and then radiation to two smaller tumors. Then a follow-up MRI in the early parts of January that was all clear. I guess, I am just afraid that the radiation won't work as well this time. I just have no idea what to expect.

Thanks for listening. My Dad is a wreck and I won't voice my concerns to him, he just can't handle it.

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We just got back from the radiologist. They started WBRT today and she will receive 10 doses in the next 14 days. He won't do the main tumor in her lung, because he said the chemo is working on it. He doesn't want to use that part of his arsenal unless he has to. He said at this point in time, there isn't any way to stop the cancer from causing the brain mets, it would take some type of blood filtering that isn't available yet. The WBRT should take care of any cells in her brain at this time and he said we might look at a different chemo combination that works through the blood brain barrier. He also stated that this is the last time he will be able to use WBRT on her. This wasn't exactly an uplifting experience. She appears to be handling this much better than my Dad and I. He mentioned taking a break from the chemo for a few weeks and so did the oncologist. I don't know. Too much to process and too many consequences with the choices.

Again, thank you for listening.


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