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Getting to Know You - May 10


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My mom always wanted me to just be myself. I remember when I was a teenager and was always trying to be like someone else. My mom would always tell to accept who I was and learn to love that person. Now, many years later, I still find myself trying to accomplish "just being me."

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To always be true to myself. Do not let others persuade my decisions. Follow my heart

and in the end all things will trun out ok. :P My Mom is one smart cookie :wink: I ,may

have not always made the right decisions, but I could live with the fact, that right or wrong,

good or bad, my decisions have been my own.

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If it isn't broke, sticking out, or bleeding, don't call me, just keep playing. I still stick to that today. She was never more surprised than when we called her from a ski trip about my brother being hurt. She said is it broken sticking out or bleeding? I said acutally, it's all three. She made the two hour drive in just over an hour to meet us at the hospital. lol.

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