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It will be an overwhelming week of the Ologist's. Today I am taking my granddaughter to the Neurologist for her Epilepsy check up. Then it's Tom's turn.

5/16- Pulmonologist for routine check

5/19 - Oncologist for MRI results

5/20 - Radiologist for consult

5/21 - Cardiologist for routine check

I don't know how I manage to keep it all straight?


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I remember early on in the breast cancer battle, I had calendars that looked like that a lot of weeks. There was one day that I had three dr appts. I felt that must have been some kind of record, at least it was for me. But, as time went on, they let up and became more spread out an infrequent. I hope that happens for you folks too. Meanwhile, I hope you get good reports at all of the appts.


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Well it turns out that the Pulmonologist Appt is on 6/16 not 5/16. One less Ologist to worry about this week.

Skip to Monday for the MRI results.

Started on Ultram yesterday and pain is greatly relieved and is able to get some good quality sleep. YEAH!!!


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My sister-in-law and I are juggling appts for both my parents. My dad was recently diagnosed with SCLC-ED and my mom was just diagnosed today with either lung or colon cancer (Complete pathology is not back but is definitely a non small cell cancer). I had to get a planner because I have to keep track of all the appts.


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