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Hi All,

I haven't been saying much lately because my dad hasn't been doing very well. I honestly didn't think he would make it to June and yet we are almost there and are still in treatment. He was unable to get into the clinical trial he wanted to a couple of months ago so he opted to try the Gemzar even though the doc said it only had a 3% chance of working and would hopefully bring some stability. Well, he didn't do well on the dose they were giving him initially and had to knock it down to 2 weeks on/1 off and lower the dose so that he could tolerate it. He has lost so much weight and has been so weak and mainly just sitting around not saying or doing much. A big trip is going out to the mailbox. He had scans done last week and we got the results today. We were all shocked to hear "stability" and actually some slight shrinkage in some areas. I was expecting to hear "hospice". So, I guess thats good news! They decided to continue treatment so he got another dose today. I am just hoping that his quality of life improves. I guess its the age old saying "one day at a time". Thinking of you all,


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You, your Dad and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers for a long time now. I never forget you and I've been looking for you. Was about to PM you and here you are with what sounds like a very good report. Gemzar was a little rough on Mike, but then some people find it to be mild. Have heard a lot of good results from it. Your Dad's report is just great . Hope that the good news continues. Know that the prayers will continue from me.



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