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Stage IV roll call


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I was diagnosd 14 months ago. According to Dr. West on Cancergrace.org, I'm stage 1V but according to my onc, who really didn't want to be tied down, I'm stage 1A.

I have had 2 primary tumors surgically removed (different morphologies), margins and lymph nodes clear, and AAH (pre-adenocarcinoma lesions throughout both lungs.) The AAH leads Dr. West to stage 1V; the fact that both primaries were stage 1 and the AAH are pre-cancerous leads my onc to stage 1.

Who knows?


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Hope you are feeling better Anne! My Mom was diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC August 07 and after a lot of ups and downs and almost losing her twice, she is feeling great. Her doctors at Sloane Kettering in NYC are studying her because of her remarkable recovery. She has a lot of living left to do and so do you!

So keep fighting, cherish the good days and forget the bad ones. I'll be praying for you. :D

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Hi Anne,

I am sorry that you are a bit down, and hope it's of short stay, Anne. We have certainly had those days.

My husband was diagnosed 3 years, 7 months ago, at Stage IIIB. Within 9 months, he was Staged at IIIB-IV. He had presented to the pulmonologist in May and was not diagnosed until December (7 months later).

Recently, he was having some difficulty with a tooth which could not be removed due to the drug (Avastin) he was taking. Every day, it was a struggle to eat with that tooth. It wobbled and caused the gum to be very sore, including the underlying bone and socket. He was taking Tylenol.

Just this past Monday, it was pulled, and there was only a slight amount of bleeding, no pain, and he went home to eat a full meal. He had been very concerned that it would not be possible for him to eat easily due to it being only anchor for a bottom plate.

It was what I call a miracle because everything turned out just fine. The missing tooth caused no problem at all. Bill is still amazed. :o He is back eating normally, finishing his meals with ease.

May all of us experience small miracles along this journey. Big ones would be even better, but it is so nice when just something goes well.


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Hi Anne,

I was diagnosed in March, 2007... stage IV with brain mets, via a routine CT Scan. I had asked my doctor for an X-Ray in 2005. Nothing showed. Two years later, I read that an X-Ray really is not a credible tool for lung cancer diagnosis, so I asked for a CT. There it was! A 3 cm lesion in my left lung and mets on my brain.

When will doctors learn that the patient is more important than saving money for insurance companies? Had I had the CT in 2005, it probably would have been diagnosed at a much earlier stage and I could have had the surgery.

It's been 16 months since my diagnosis.

Every day is a blessing. I feel really great after 6 rounds of Gemcidabine and Carboplatin. I am now stable. My lesion has shrunk to 4 cm. It was up to 7. I had whole brain radiation for the brain mets. These have since disappeared.

God bless you. Keep up the fight. A cure will be found!


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I appreciate all of you who had WBR and are doing well. That is encouraging! Everyday just seems like an emotional battle...Every time it seems as though we have a plan of action, there is a wrench thrown in.

Love and prayers to you all.

I don't know what SUV or SOB means...at least in this context! Can someone help?


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This is a great thread and I bookmarked it.

Those of you who know me already know that I'm 4 years, 8 months stage IV Adenocarcinoma, 48 years old at diagnosis. I really liked reading all your posts. We have so much in common.

Recently I've been worried about new disease. Just recently I gave up on the Avastin, with it's ill effects. That was tough because I had to make that decision on my own. My Blood and urine and other tests were OK but I felt awful and thought I had limited time left on Avastin. Decided to move on while I could still recover from the 11 Avastin treatments.

I have symptoms that include bone mets and often low energy, and am waiting to start whatever the next treatment will be. Today I am strong. Had a long day today. Felt good. I even went for a swim in Lake Michigan, where the waves were very big for some reason.

Call doctor tomorrow. I am anxious. For one thing, I just realized the problem in my left hand is a new bone met in my wrist. I wonder what the doctor will say. ****9/30/08 -- I learned that I have a cyst in my hand and it's uncomfortable but nothing to worry about.

I think I have a decent chance to find another treatment that works and is tolerable. Actually I have no idea, but 3 of the 4 treatments I've done were new and not available when I was diagnosed. Also 3 out of 4 gave me relief from symptoms and varifiable response.

I wish you all the best.

David in Chicago

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Hi David in Chicago.

I was talking with my oncologist recently about bone mets. She mentioned that Zometa is very successful in treating them. She has one gentleman who has been treated with Zometa for over a year and is doing well.

Although I don't have bone mets, I have brain mets, I like to keep abreast of treatments.


God bless you.

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