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Surgery done May 16th


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My husband's surgery was today. It was a long day. I am going to put a message here that I have shared with others. Just easier. I can provide further information later.

"For this 'good Friday', but rather long one, I am preparing one brief message to update my family, friends and associates that I have been keeping up to date by way of the Internet. I will provide more details as more progress is made and my mind clears.

Joe and his family could not have asked for anything better than what we got today. The surgery was done and the tumor and right lower lobe was removed and I believe the middle lobe. All looked good and will be getting tests results later.

Joe was told he would probably be on a ventilator Friday night and maybe Saturday morning. As it went, he was breathing on his own and no ventilator. That alone was a big step.

Everyone is tired. Barring anything unexpected it should be uphill from here. My heart goes out to him for the pain he is enduring but it looks like it is all working out.

We are thanking God and we had many prayers from all over and cannot thank everyone enough. I am so thankful for the friends and family and doctors that have been with us thru this. Thank you thank you thank you. We Thank God for all he has given us."

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Your husband has had a tough time since last year. It is great news to hear he has had his surgery, did not need to be on a vent, and he just needs to heal from it. Chest surgery is painful. Some get an Epidural put in that runs for a few days after to help. Others get a PCA ( personally controlled analgesia) that they can push a button for meds to get relief. Some get bothe. Hope he has some good meds to help him through this time.

Donna G

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I thank you all for your responses. I thought I had come back and already acknowledged your posts. I sure had meant too. Been a crazy week to say the least. I always appreciate the comments and help.

I have learned more about the pain meds for sure. Guess my husband was not getting any sleep and according to the surgeon the deprived sleep caused his being 'out of it' worse than the pain meds alone. Yesterday he was seeing strange things that the rest of us were not. :) He is getting better, slowly.

Thanks again. I am going to post a new question in just a bit under a new topic.

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