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Dr. West ..... What a guy!


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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to tell everyone this. I emailed a question to Dr. West yesterday, and received a response from him today! I can't believe the dedication of this man! Just wonderful and selfless. Restores your belief in humanity.

All the best,


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"peebygeeby" I can't believe the dedication of this man!...Restores your belief in humanity.
"KatieB" He's absolutely wonderful.

So true, and then some! We live in a non-urban part of Oahu where people stay for generations and it seems everybody knows everybody else, and we know many dedicated and selfless doctors who willingly donate their time to scouting, youth sports, help for the homeless, medical missions to third world countries, and any number of other worthwhile causes. But I've never encountered anyone quite like Dr. West. He combines expertise in his field with a remarkable ability to communicate complex concepts to people like us, he keeps facts separate from opinion, he's compassionate yet realistic, he doesn't step on the toes of our regular oncologists, he answers our questions promptly, and he does this multiple times every day of the week with no expectation of monetary reward. On the contrary, he's put thousands of his own dollars into the new nonprofit GRACE (Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education) and needs our help to keep the lights on and the links unbroken. GRACE is a 501©(3) organization, and tax deductible donations can be made via PayPal or mail. We need to keep this valuable resource alive and well!

http://cancergrace.org/general/2008/05/ ... ort-grace/


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Yeah for Dr. West. I too posted him a question this week (thanks to your suggestion Ned) and he responded to me as well within 24 hours. And I have used some information from him in the past. I even print it out and bring it to my doctors when necessary. There are many many dedicated smart cancer professionals in this world, and Dr. West is a model for many of them. And I just bless them all as it is such a difficult job. Mine is a wussy job compared to theirs.

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