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MS & Lung Cancer

Connie B

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I have a question. Has anyone else noticed that people with MS also seem to get lung cancer?

The reason I say that is, I have known several people in the last few years that first had MS and then were dx.d with lung cancer. Or is it just a coincidence? I just wonder if there is any connection. :?:

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I only remember one member here (maybe two) that posted that they also had MS. You know another thing I have noticed is that there are many diabetics with lung cancer. John was a type 2 diabetic and I keep noticing a lot of members are also diabetic.

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Yep Ry, your right about the diabetics too. I was a phone buddy for over 5 years many moons ago for ALCASE and I had 4 people that had MS and were later dx.d with lung cancer. Plus all of those people were in there 40's & 50's. We had one in my in person support group too. I thought we had about 3 or 4 here over the years too, but maybe not.

I know a lot of people dx.d with lc and after chemo they become diabetics because the chemo can cause it.

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I think it may be a case of noticing more MS patients 'cause it's on your mind.

I remember years ago when I was trying to get pregnant it seemd like every other woman on the bus was expecting a child. It was just where my mind was at the time.

I suppose though that there could be a connection. Both MS and diabetes have auto-immune components and there's no reason to assume that lc doesn't.


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Hey Connie,

I can't believe I just read your post. I schedule outpatient radiology test, like ct's and mri's . I see lung ca and ms often. I don't know why but next time I see my Dr. I will ask him. I am curious!!!!!!!!!!

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