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an unusual good turn of events.

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Hi everybody,

Any of you who have read my recent posts know that Hank has been experiencing extremely bad SOB. He has been on oxygen 24/7 now for over a week, and it has had us both very concerned. He literally could not walk from one end to the other of our very small house even with oxygen without becoming winded.

Today his breathing has drastically improved. No oxygen. Got up this morning and did 450 reps with a 25 lb. weight. No oxygen. Wanted to go to Atlantic City for the day, walked all over the place. (Did'nt win!!!! :D ) but I don't care!!! This is not to say that his breathing is perfectly fine, but it is a DRASTIC improvement. I don't know what to make of it. I suppose it could be many things. We are now a little passed two weeks from his last chemo treatment. We are now about a month since his blood clot developed. I just don't know. But it sure did make us both feel good today.

His next chemo treatment should be coming up this Friday, and we will be paying close attention to how he is breathing after he has it. I am thinking that the most likely reason for the drastic breathing improvement is that he is just now getting his strength back after the last treatment. We'll have to see what develops from this point on.

It would be wonderful if he can maintain this. The shortness of breath has been the big issue here. A quote from Hank..."The cancer is not so bad, I just wish I could breathe"

I will keep you posted.

All the best,


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Ok, First...Ned just completely cracked me up! :lol::lol::shock:


(Needless to say, reading that made me very happy...wonder if I get to join the club now too??? *laughs*)

I think the only thing that mighta made that any better was if you guys had WON while in Atlantic City! :wink:

Great news and thanks for sharing it with us!!!

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