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Update on mom


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Hi all.

My mom is still in the hospital. She's in a lot less pain now and talks now. They removed part of her small bowel and part of the colon, and placed a colostomy bag. My aunt says the surgeon took out everything that looked affected. The remaining ovary was fine, and I believe she said there were no visible tumors on the lungs. However, there is lymph node involvement, and they want to start chemo in a few weeks when they feel my mom has recovered enough from the surgery.

There are a billion things going thru my mind right now, but most importantly, I am wondering if she can even take the supplements now that she doesn't have a normal digestive system. This is a nightmare. Has anyone known anyone who was a cancer survivor/patient that had a colostomy and chemo at the same time?

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I perforated my colon as I was making my first chemo appointment, so chemo was delayed until I was out of the hospital from that. And yes, I was anemic and malnourished and lots of things when I had emergency surgery. I had chemo starting a month late, but continued on schedule from there. I lost about 18'' of intestine, but seeing as we have something like 18 feet, there's plenty of room to absorb nourishment. If you're doubting, ask the 'ostomy resource nurse, either through the hospital or the home care specialists, about nutrition. I believe they would have told you if it were a special case.

I know other cancer patients have had ostomies, and not just bowel cancer patients. They've also had chemo.

If you have questions, ask your doctor, ask, ask, ask!!

You all are in my prayers, I'm glad your mom is more comfortable now.


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Guest canuckwebgrrl


Whenever you have a question (we all know there are no dumb ones), jot it down, and take them all up w/ the oncol. Dr. or nurse. Make sure you write down the answers as well, I've learned about that one the hard way :)

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