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My sister was admitted last night

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For those who've been following my posts, my sister Carol has been going through a really difficult time in the past couple of weeks, she's very weak and extremely tired. I saw her on Saturday and she could hardly get up to go to the bathroom. She is scheduled to have a procedure today to have a drain put in so she can drain the fluid in her lungs, which keeps accumulating, at home. Well, yesterday my other sister called and told me she was even weaker than on Saturday and they called the Dr. She was admitted last night and they are hydrating her. I have a feeling she was probably dehydrated. I am hoping/praying they can still do the procedure this morning because I think having so much fluid on her lungs is what is making her worse. She felt a lot better when she had it drained before.

If you're the praying kind, could you say a few with me today? Thanks


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