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latest news, update on Jerry


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Well the news continues to be grim at best. The consultation with the Albany Veterans Hospital was today and the doctor had more x rays and blood work done as well as an EKG. He told Mom and Jerry that he is quite certain that the mass in the right lung is cancer and then he told them that there is also something of concern in the left lung as well as on the vocal cord (Jerry has had no voice since his stay in the hospital for the heart issue). Also of concern are the ribs around the right lung and it appears that there is lymph node involvement too. Definitely not how we had hoped this appointment would go.

Tomorrow is the appointment with the nutritionist. Hopefully this will provide some ideas to get him to eat and get his strength up some before the biopsy, which will be a broncoscopy on June 2. The doctor told Mom that he is planning on chemo and perhaps radiation once they know whether this is SC or NSCLC and how advanced it is etc.

This is truly a nightmare. I know you all understand that. I am reliving the whole ordeal with Brad over again and it is so hard. I am holding it together for Mom and Jerry but dammit, this is so hard. I lay awake at night and can still remember, in vivid detail, the night Brad called us to tell us he had lung cancer and I can remember the phone calls with him crying, a grown man, crying because he was so scared and so sick. I can remember the anger I had then and the fear, but mostly the anger. I have that anger back and it feels so foreign. I had come to terms with losing Brad, at least as best I could and that is how and why my web site came to be. It was my therapy and was such a great way to channel all of those feelings into something positive.

Please, please, keep us in your prayers.. and thank you all so much...



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Oh Christine. I wasn't here the first time for you, but I just can't imagine going through it a second. I hope things start to fall into place soon, all questions answered, better eating and most of all a treatment plan. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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