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Gallbladder pass....


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I second RY's advice of taking sweats...also, keep the ice bag on the wounds. Hopefully you're getting the laproscopic surgery with a few small cuts and not the big single cut! Take your pain pills right on time the first few days, you'll be just fine. (BUT, if you're looking to get some sympathy and a pedicure, I'll SWEAR it's absolutely horrible and ANYONE who can walk afterwards is one tough cookie!)

Actually, I walked a lot the day after my surgery, I would suggest you do the same, keeping that ice pack on your tummy and reloading it when the ice goes bye-bye...

Good luck!

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Oh, Andrea, you are too busy to do this. But, you will be much more comfortable soon. I had big time surgery to have my gallbladder removed: enormous scar + scar for drainage tubes, 11 days in the hospital, and no complications. They did things differently back in the 70s. :roll:

Best wishes for an uncomplicated surgery and speedy recovery. You'll want the sweat pants and ice bag, tho.


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