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Bye Bye Clinical Trial


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So we are now off this latest trial. I'm starting to lose track here on how many my dad has started. Looks like there are no more convential treatment options available. Either a Phase 1 trial, if there is something else to try, or we can try to see some "unconventional" treatments.

Anyway, if someone has any suggestions or recommendations on a Dr in Philly, maybe Fox Chase, or Sloan Kettering, we had seen someone there before, it would be much appreciated.

You can PM at palves@optonline.net.

Haven't updated the profile in a while. I have to go back and track it all again. But I don't think he did Tarceva but rather 1 or 2 different trials since last summer.



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I'm sorry the clinical trial didn't go the way you hoped. However, I did want to share that I live in PA and went to Fox Chase. Dr. Goldberg did my pneumonectomy and was wonderful. Two other surgeons who operated on me (one was at Geisinger medical center ) told me I was inoperable and NO ONE could remove the tumor. Dr. Goldberg did and I have been NED since then.

The hospital itself was wonderful (before and after surgery) and because C is what they do they seemed to be much better at answering questions and getting things done. I would give them a try if they are close to you.

If you want any other information feel free to PM me!!

Good luck..

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