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Back from Canada and the ATS


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WOW!!!! It was an amazing trip!!!

I met and was able to network with some amazing peaople.

The topics discussed were:

1. A transitional view of the molecular pathogenisis of lung cancer

2. Genomic predictors of Lung Adenocarcinoma Progression and Outcome

3. Proteomic Predictors of Diagnosis and Survival in Lung Cancer

4. Novel imaging methods of nodules/early lung cancers

5. Molecular Pathology Toolbox in 2008

6. Current Status of Clinical trials of Vaccine Therapy for Lung Cancer

7. Clinical Integration of Novel Molecular Markers for the Management of Early Stage Lung Cancer.

OK..I have to admit that half of the time I had absolutly no idea what they were talking about but it was all so intriguing.

Gald to be home!!!

P.S. My speech went well and I got to have dinner with Ted Koppell and his wife (who lives with COPD). They were seated at the table next to us at a special award's ceremony.

This was certainly a memory I will carry on with me.

God BLess!!


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Thank you for being such a great representative for us to the thoracic professionals. I think it helps when they see us in different circumstances than clinical settings.

I just know you were brilliant!


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