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The SOB is back again!

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Hi everybody,

Well, This is so frustrating. The SOB is back. We are really puzzled as to what's going on here. Sunday, was a really good day for Hank, his breathing was so much better.

Yesterday was not to bad, but not as good as Sunday. Now today it seems we are back to where it was. :? He has an appointment with his oncologist tomorrow. I want some answers! I want to know what's causing this. It does not make sense to me that he could be doing so well one day, and then back to where he was two days later.

I think that he is going to be having his fourth chemo treatment on Friday, but if it is the chemo causing this extreme SOB I'm afraid of what the consequences will be after this next treatment. I just don't know.

All the best,


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Sorry to hear of the setback. I am not sure if you mentioned, sorry if you did, but does Hank have an underlying heart issue, like CHF? Dad had really bad SOB, mostly caused from the CHF. Sometimes a water pill can help with that, like Lasix. If MD does prescribe the Lasix, make sure they also prescribe a Potassium pill too, as the lasix "eats up" potassium in the body. (which in turn can cause heart issues) Its also would help to eat a banana, or have OJ when taking the Lasix, as these have potassium naturally in them.

Dad got so frustrated at the end, of having to go to the Bathroom all the time that he quit taking the water pill and we think that is why things went so bad. He never told us (or the MD) that he stoped taking them.

Maybe this is not Hanks issue, but thought that I would throw that out there.


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Hi Shelli,

I am going to ask the oncologist about this. Hank had bypass surgery in 2002. He's not had any further heart issues since then. He saw his Cardiologist just after his diagnosis in March.

At that point Hank had not yet started the chemo. He has not seen his cardiologist since then. I will question it tomorrow.

Thanks Shelli,


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