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Australia: Brisbane Scientists Close to Pain-free Chemo

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http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008 ... ion=justin


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Side effects from traditional cancer treatments could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the work of a group of Brisbane scientists.

Doctor Nick Saunders from the University of Queensland says it should soon be possible to treat cancer patients with pain-free, highly-effective and selective chemotherapy.

Traditional chemotherapy kills any dividing cells in the body, not just cancerous ones, and can cause severe side effects.

Dr Saunders says the new developments should also help ease the community's fears about cancer and its treatments.

"Unfortunately, because of the fear of cancer, people have a tendency to not present as early as they should," he said.

"If people start to realise that the drugs that are coming through are going to be effective and not going to be associated with these side effects, then I think we'll see people presenting a lot earlier."

He says the improvements should lead to a significant reduction in the number of people dying from cancer.

"Whilst we certainly haven't cured cancer, I think over the next decade we're going to see some real advances in cancer treatments, and that should lead to a great deal more optimism amongst the community."

Dr Saunders will present his research at a Brisbane Institute seminar today.

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(ABC News, Australia, May 20, 2008)


The information contained in these articles may or may not be in agreement with my own opinions. They are not posted as medical advice of any kind.

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