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Delaware Valley Lunch


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I know this should be in LCSC Events - but I am requesting that since most people check General it could be kept here for a week.

Thanks Katie.

Lunch Date: 6/21/08

Time: 12:00 until ?????

Place: Kildare's Irish Pub in King of Prussia

REMEMBER: I have a gift card for free appetizers for 8 - 10 people for 1 1/2 hours.

Please let me know if you plan to attend so I can give Kildare's a total. I am going to try and get the same room as before.

Please let everyone you know within driving distance about this lunch.


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We now have 5 hens

And also 5 mens

Cause Sharonjo called and said Tommy will come

So I guess that makes our total a tens

(Ok cut me a break, Elizabeth Barrett Browning I'm not)

Gail, where are you?????

Also, let's try and get all others from this area.

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Is still on for mext Saturday.

Karen K from Hainsport cam you come?

I also go an IM from jaminkw (Judy from Key West) who is here visiting also in Hainsport.. hopefully they will be alble to attend.

What's up Ginny?

Maryanne :wink:

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We are absolutely still on!

Is everyone coming?

I will call Kildare's and reserve that upstairs room.

Need someone else to call about gift card since they gave it to me for my fund raiser and it would look suspicious if I used it. Albeit, the woman who won the 'Dine Around' gave it back to me. Very generous of her.

Let me know guys (and gals).

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It's confirmed!!! We are on!!!!

Fun and frolic and free appetizers begins at 12:00 at Kildare's on Sat. 6/21/08.

If you live within driving distance of King of Prussia, PA and would like to come, you are more than welcome.

PM me and I will give you details.

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Boxty's and beer, boxty's and beer, boxty's and beer.

Can't wait...I'll begin prepping Jack so that he will sing his irish drinking songs for us all instead of running away this time.

Trying to play golf real early that day, so forgive me if we are a few minutes late.

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Maryanne and Ginny and all the party-goers in King of Prussia: I hate to miss a party. So close but no cigar. I won't be in Hainesport until the 26th and will actually still be in Orlando for my chemo on the 23rd. Bummer.

Judy in Key West

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It sounds like a good time will be had by all. With my husband's ever changing work schedule I never know for sure, but we'll probably be coming through and stopping in PA in September. I'll put out a shout then.

Have a great time.

Judy in Key West

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Smithwicks, smithwicks, smithwicks smithwicks, smithwicks, smithwicks....

For thos of you cheering along at home please note that Smithwicks is pronounced as follows: Smit - icks.

Smithwicks, smithwicks, smithwicks.

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A great time was had by all.

We missed you Gail, hope you had a great 25th anniversary celebration.

Hope all the Delaware Valley people can join our next lunch which is being held at Kildare's on Saturday, September 6th.

We all agreed that meeting locally is a great way to meet each other. Many of us can not afford the airfare and hotel to meet nationally.

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