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"Jyoung20" ...Not sure if it crosses the blood brain barrier.

Same here, I don't know. But aside from that, it's a systemic therapy.

Before you start, it would be a good idea to make sure your skin is in top condition -- moisturizing soaps, a good lotion like Cetaphil after a shower, etc. Might make the rash less bothersome.



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Thanks again, at list if did not work for me will do for somebody else & is one more step to get close to the cure.

Ned fortunally I have a pretty good skin...and if the rush get bad I will become a muslim for a while. Randy i have some thing to give you, let me know how can I do it. Joe that sounds promising (my brains ae fine for now), only depress ...but not us much.

All of you are great

love bucky

Pd. It get the liver too????

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I have read that Tarceva may pass the blood brain barrier. I hope Tarceva works well for you. You made me laugh about becoming a muslim. When my hair fell out after chemo I wished I were a muslim where I could cover up almost my entire body. There was a muslim woman getting chemo at the same time as I and she looked always incredibly beautiful.


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