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Pet Scans, MRIs, & X-Rays... Oh My


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Lions and Tigers and Bears ... OH MY!!! Well the shoulder x-ray indicated that I could be having necrosis of the shoulder caused by radiation so they sent me for an MRI and I will go see that Ortho doc next week. Meantime went to the Oncologist today and the PET Scan lit up with uptake in the lower lobe of my right lung and some other in the medial blah-blah-blah gibberish area. So most likely it will be Alimta but they do not want to start that until we know what is going on with the shoulder so I drive home and walk through the door to the phone riinging and it is my radiologist and he wants to see me in the morning to determine if I am a candidate for cyberknife on some or all of the areas. So lets stay positive right and not give up the gift of fight and the sense of humor my mom and God above blessed me with. With the price of gas I wish they make some of these appointments coincide with each other.

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Hi Judy,

Sorry to hear about this setback but you are a great fighter. I hope they can do some of this newfangled stuff to nuke what is there. I also hope you can get some comfort for that shoulder, it sounds ouchy!

Hang tough friend,


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OH Judy. You sound like such a neat lady and have a wonderful attitude and sense of humour. We just never know what is around the next corner do we...but somehow we take it in the chin, and come back fighting. I too will be starting a new treatment plan. Best wishes with yours.


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Sorry to hear that news Judy... OH MY!

Altima has worked for so many here, I know it will work foryou too.

Hang in there. You are such a strong person. Will send healing meditation prayers your way.


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