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Light Headed


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Tom has been to all the doctors in the last week so I know he is fine. He has eaten a few times today as well and BP is good. He is feeling a bit light headed today though. Do you think that maybe he just needs to drink more fluids?


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Denise: Lightheadedness is such a general response, it's difficult to guess the cause. Everyone is different, for example, my husband experiences "weakness" when he's hungry. I get naseous. I think you'd find varying underlying causes for lightheadedness. I'd go with the increased fluids because that can't hurt and could possibly help. But you said he also ate "a few times today" so I'd go with increasing nutritious food or drinks. I'm guessing his sugar has been checked and is o.k. Since he's been checked by all his docs, if all else fails maybe he just really needs to rest. It sounds like he had a tiring week. Good luck.

Judy in Key West

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He could also be experiencing a drug interaction. Do a web check through a medical site like WebMD and see if he's taking medications that contraindicate each other.

My husband had spells of that last year, no chemo, etc. He went for acupuncture and it cleared up within three sessions, easing a bit with each one. He goes monthly for "maintenance" pokes and is light-headedness free.

He may have an infection in his inner ear or chemo could have done some damage to his inner ear - he'll need to have his doctor follow up on that possibility.

Also, he may need more potassium in his diet. Try having him eat a banana a day.

Obviously, you live with him and know how he "is." If it seems he's more than light-headed, i.e., staggering and/or falling, call his doctor.

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