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I am SO confused....

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Today we had the appointement with the oncologist to hear the report on the CT Scan taken last week after two rounds of Carbo/Taxol/Avastin and one Zometa. Well reading the report, all bone mets have increased and there are more in his ribs but doctor had a different take on it. He showed us Dave's large tumor on his right shoulder (scapula) and the "before" scan and "new" scan, the original tumor is round and dark in color, the new scan shows it as figure eight shaped and all but edges are gray in color. His feeling is that perhaps the chemo is working internally and that the change in appearance may be due to that so to keep up two more rounds of the same chemo and then a new scan before we change treatment. He feels unless the pain has changed drastically and increased in intensity that the scan may not show the true picture of bone mets. I trust him at this point but am so scared that we are wasting these six to nine weeks as we do the same chemo, if all but the original lung tumor and the lymph glands are increased, doesn't that mean it didn't work? I have not shared these thoughts with Dave obviously but am so scared and my gut is just not totally comfortable with this report. Any thoughts or experiences with this chemo working after four and not after two rounds???

Sorry I know this is really an individual disease, just thinking out loud I guess and need to voice my fears somewhere I guess.


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A CT taken during my Tarceva days showed tumor was larger, but radiologist pointed out a change in color that might indicate hypodensity; i.e., dead cancer cells in center.

Onc then ordered another PET scan to see what it showed re intensity (aggressiveness) of live cancer cells still with tumor.

To make a long shot short, in my case, the cause for shape and color of tumor was not hypodensity (accoridng to the PET scan which showed uptake of 9 to 13). It was at this point that I was taken off Tarceva and switched to Alimta rather than waste more time on Tarceva, which PET scan showed wasn't doing any good at all.

In other words, I'd encourage you to have onc. order a PET scan for Dave.

In the meantime, best of luck to you both.


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