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Thank Yous


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Dear Friends..

Thanks to:

Rich: I hope I can live up to your comment re: strong women

To Andrea: for the *hug*

To Dean: for your good wishes

To Shirley: for your prayers

To Gail: for your very good suggestion re: ice cream

To MO: for prayers and good wishes and (gentle hug)

To Ry: YES, it really does suck

To Cheryl: your offer of support whenever i might need it

To Mini George: your offer of a shoulder to lean on

Don: your good wishes on my battle plan

Christy: your pep talk

I am so touched by all of your responses and wanted to thank each and everyone of you personally.

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Hi Francine,

I didnt see your post till tonight. Im sorry about this new development but as youve read here on this board, many are surviving news like you got. There is so much out there that can be done. It sounds like you have a good plan in place. I pray for this board every day, so youve got regular prayers going up.

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