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Brain Check!!

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Well we did the radiation planning CT today and they made a mold of his shoulders and head. Tomorrow will be the MRI of the brain to check for mets. Tom will go for chemo round 6 on Tuesday. Provided there are no mets to the brain we are all set for Radiation to start on Wednesday. Although I think that is just a dry run. I read that somewhere in the paper work that there is a dry run before they start to make sure they have everything aimed properly. Yes?

Since there are no signs that I see that would make me think there was anything there in the brain I feel pretty confident that we are a go.

Not that I am looking for trouble but has anyone had mets to the brain with no obvious signs?


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Hi Denise,

I hope that Tom is good to go with the radiation. I really don't know anything about brain mets, but my Dad had neck cancer a few years again and was treated with radiation for it.

Yes, they do a dry run to make sure everything is properly set up to go.

Hang in there Denise, I know the stress you are feeling, you're doing a great job!

Wishing you and Mr. Tough Guy all the best :)


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Good Luck with this Denise, I have no experience with brain mets but know several people that have had radiation and there was a "dry run" but in my mom's case with breast cancer they did the real run the same day...everyone is differnt.


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