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Hi Im new here


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I just had an aunt died from brest cancer a month ago. Right before her death we found out my dad had stage 3 lung cancer. Im just wanting to learn more about this.My mom dont think he has long, but Im not wanting to except it. Been doing alot of reading on the net and what I find its not good. Been trying to found what how cancer people act before they died, so I know ifs it not going to be long or what.

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Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of really supportive people here.

Read some of our members profiles - you will be amazed at some of the long-term surviviors we have here. Lung cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence.

Let us know more about you and your dad and please let us know how we can help you.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hey there and welcome. There is lots of hope as you will read here and please pass that along to both your mom and dad. Your dad needs fight in him and hope to get him through the treatments. If he doesn't already have a treatment plan in place hopefully he will soon. And then all of you will be focused on that and your outlook on this terrible disease will improve. Ask any question you like here and it will be answered. Take care


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Welcome! Please, please read the stories about some of our long term survivors. You'll find them encouraging.

When you know what your dad's treatment plan is, please let us know that, too. You'll probably have lots of questions and we have people here who can help you find answers.


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I don't know much, but I do know this...everybody is different. Don't be discouraged by the statistics. You don't know how "those experts" compiled those statistics, or how old those statistics are.

But the one thing about those statistics, there is always a percentage of folks who survive. So why can't it be YOUR loved one, and MINE?

And there are plenty of folks right on this forum who ARE survivors.

Don't lose hope.

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You got a lot of advice on here mostly to let you know the LC is NOT always a death sentence. You can see there are many people on here who are stage III and are doing just fine, years later

So NEVER GIVE UP!!! Keep a positive attitude and know there are so many treatments out there. They just have to find the one that will work for your dad.

If you have any questions please ask away. As there is always answeres for you from our members who have been there.

Keep us informed on your dad's treatments and how he is doing. We are always here for you for questions, support, prayers or just to vent.

Take care


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Hi there,

Welcome to our group. There are some very wonderful supportive people here who are ready and willing to answer your questions and help you along here in this journey. Many of them are long time survivors. Why can't your Dad be one of them?

I wish you all the best,


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I was diagnosed 8 years ago. They pulled a 13 lb tumor , mostly dead, out of my chest.

Chemo, radiation.

I'm still here.

Although if I were told I was going to die, I might just have turned to the wall and done that!

Nobody, but nobody on this earth knows when your time is up.

Attitude is everything.

Don't give up on your dad just yet.


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