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again with another question.......


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us all you know the c trial did not work for me and in 4 month my cancer spred to 1 rib, just a little & one spot in my liver. I will start Tarceva on Tuesday 50 mg & zometa in 2 weeks.

The QUESTION: When cancer start moving to one place to the other means that you start going down the hil?????? I feel good & the Docs. still of course more positive than I, but I am scared......

Is this thing stop moving for a while?

Thanks & Ned thanks for your advice in lotions.

hugs bucky

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Youare beating yourself up again Bucky Don't do that!! :wink: The chemo should help control the spread and probably stop it from moving. All it means is that the lst one did not work and the next one should work. We wait and see..

In the meantime be like ted Kennedy Go out and go sailing. Not literally but figuratively. Have fun and enjoy the sunny days! MAke the most of every day though!!

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I saw your post and couldn't quite find the exact words I wanted to say. Then Randy came along and said it so well!!! Thats why they are changing your chemo - to stop it in its track and take care of anything that has popped up!! I showed progression on Avastin after 7 months and they put me on Alimta and I have had improvement!!!

I think you are a lot like me, Bucky, we worry about things way too much and always fear the worse. I try so hard to be positive but its not always an easy thing to do. So you just take in a deep breath and start kicking this cancer butt again!! You can do it!!! And we are ALL here for you!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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