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family far away

Guest inviola

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Guest inviola

Hi to all-My mother in law lives in Florida and all her kids live in Wisconsin.She is 68,DX 3/2003 SCLC w/MEts to organs and has just finished 8 rounds of three chemo's a week three weeks apart. Her PET scan revealed something left in her lung where this all started,just a little left over tissue so she has to have 10-12 weekly treatments of chemo now,no radiation(this is what she tells us) but just one treatment a week every week. She tells us this is just a "mop up " and the doc assures her they will get it all! She has done really well with the chemo in the past until the last 3 treatments ,she got really run down but her spirits are high!

My question is that her kids are all having a real attitude of denial about all this and planning next summer to see them, I am not sure they all should wait,they all know people with cancer and those that have gone home to be with the Lord, but this is a really close family and they seem to have a laid back attitude that shocks me. I am reading other posts about cancers that are gone today -here tomorrow ,literally. My husband is the oldest child and wondering if he needs to have a heart to heart with is dad about when they should come home for a visit. THey always wait until July, I think if she is done with chemo in February she should come home to spend as much time with us as she can while she feels well-I am afraid if they wait until July she may have recurrence by then .Concerned Daughter.

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Hi Inviola,

Glad your mother’s spirits are high with everything she is going thru and things are on the right track for her. It would seem best for you and everyone (other family members) involved for your husband to have a heart to heart talk with his dad to find out where your mother stands and how she feels about moving plans to earlier in the year. To let them know about your concerns. It’s best to get it out in the open. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless.

Rich :D:D:D:D

My 2-cents in battling cancer: Stay positive and focused. Never give up, never give in. Take one-step and one day at a time. Never take no for an answer. Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Lots of laughing and yes even crying. It rejuvenates the body. And a lot of praying to the big guy.

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Guest Karen C

I think it sounds like a good idea for your husband to have a talk with his father about the situation. And although sometimes a little denial can be healthy, I think it's a good time for everyone to rally around your MIL. Can a bunch of you go down there for Christmas? I tell you another thing, it's easy to not realize the severity of the situation when you're thousands of miles away.

When my husband was diagnosed in March I just couldn't get his parents to understand how bad it was. My mother ended up calling them and telling them they needed to come up - we live in Va. and they live in Texas. I think with alot of physical distance it's easy stay at arm's length.

You are a good DIL, stay on top of things - sounds like the family needs the objectivity yet compassion you can bring to the situation.

God Bless,

Karen C. (David C's wife)

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Inviola, glad to hear your mom is doing so well right now. I agree that you should not put ashoulnything off -- do it as soon as you can. Your husband should talk to his siblings and say, "We are not guaranteed tomorrow". Maybe you can share some of the stories here as backup. My wife is doing well now, too, but I would not put anything off that is really important. Seize the day! Good luck. Don

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