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i feel lost without my father


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hi, i started posting in 'intoduce yourself' march 22 this year when i first found out my father had lung cancer (advanced, final stage), the anguish for my father and us his family is indescribable

it did comfort me to talk about it here in LCSC and know that others understand what i go through

i guess i should now move here, in 'grieving'

my father died may 19 and we buried him today may 24

he was in severe pain (pain meds did not work) in the weeks before he died, it killed me and my family to see him endure it and there was nothing we could do

it doesn't console me that he is not suffering anymore because we lost him, for good,

he was taken from us unfairly while there were still many things we look forward to, to share, to make up for, to talk about, or just spend time together

these make it unbearable to accept the loss

i feel lost without my father, i miss him so much

-- liza

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My condolences and thoughts and prayers!!! I am so sorry to hear this. We are here when you need us so...

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