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Not sure if I will need the pass and not sure for how long but to stay out of trouble with my chat friends I am going to request it anyway. If my son lets me stay at my house I may be able to compute but if he kidnaps me again then I have no idea what could go on from there or for how long. I go in Wednesday at noon to have the fiducials (target seeds) implanted in preparatin for the cyberknife. Please send all the prayers you can becauuse I am really trying to think positive and not have any negative thoughts but since they have managed to collapse both of my lungs at different times I am quite nervous about them sticking this needle in my lung to insert the targets. Afeter that procedure if all goes will then I have about a week of going from one doc to the next to get my body cradle and vest prepared before they start the cyberknife and chemo up. Have fun folks and I will see you on the other side of this cyberknife stuff. :roll:

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we will miss youa dnthink and prayers For ya I will make sure Judy Health is more important than chat so...........

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