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Finally results from my back pain saga!


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Hey Steve-

Glad to hear a treatment plan is in place. Hoping that the radiation treatments go well for you. Please keep us updated.

P.S. - You are SO lucky you didn't have to go in Tuesday to see Mekhail - everyone there was double-booked due to the Monday holiday - it was awful!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Steve: Glad to hear you are on your way in this next phase of the battle. But to get back to your question about tests/scans, etc., like you I worry. I had two CT/PETs that I'm sure were full body--one before dx and another after five months of treatment. I also had an MRI before diagnosis but don't think it was full body. Otherwise, my CTs have been chest or head/chest/abdomen. (I have not been as diligent as some in collecting my test reports.) I plan to ask for a full body MRI once I am on medicare if it will cover it but I don't think they do those things without some red flag. I've had low back pain for years and my father died of lung cancer metastisized to the spine so I think I can use that.

Steve, I'm not trying to look for problems. I don't think I have cancer in my spine now but it's been a weak area most of my life. I believe like Ned that it's possible cancer goes where we are vulnerable. Guess what I'm saying is your oncologist has probably done what they usually do and if we want more, we probably have to ask for it. Whether or no we get it is a question mark, I guess.

Judy in Key West

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Great to hear there is a plan in place now Steve. I am getting 2 big blasts...and I mean big compared to the 30 small blasts I got on my lung...that machine just kept on going and I was getting a little worried. I had a day and a half of "roughness" after the 1st blast and go for the 2nd tomorrow. Can you PM me if you know how many "greys" (I think that is the right term) you are getting, I am curious in comparison to mine. Best of luck with yours.


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