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Lung Cancer: An Interview with Author Lorraine Johnston


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Interesting article. I particularly found it interesting, being me in my situation, that she pointed out that most nonsmokers are diagnosed each year with lung cancer than are killed by drunk drivers, murder, or high blood pressure. Yet we are taught popularly that those are the things to worry about.


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Hi Becky,

You’re very right. Having lung cancer reminds me of the movie Planet Of The Apes. Everything is upside down. It becomes a real shock the more we learn about it and what’s going on about it (or lack of) in the USA. Peace, take care and God Bless.


PS: Your welcome Nancy.

My 2-cents in battling cancer: Stay positive and focused. Never give up, never give in. Take one-step and one day at a time. Keep moving, never stop. Never take no for an answer. Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Lots of laughing and yes even crying. It rejuvenates the body. And a lot of praying to the big guy.

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