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Remembering our loved ones on Memorial Day.


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I thought maybe we could all post a little something in remebrence of thoses we have lost who were in the military (expecially if their passing was LC related)....

So here is mine. I would like to remember my Dad, SGT. Russell Crossman, who was a Vietnam and Gulf war Vet. Dad passed 1 month ago from SCLC.

Miss you lots DAD!!!!

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My Uncle Donald served in 503rd in WWII

My uncle Andy was killed in WWII

My Uncle Harry was in WWII

My LAte wife served in Airforce logistics in Alaska in the early 80's

Still Living

Mom and Dad served in North Korea

I served US navy actively in mid 80's unhder the LAte Ronald Reagan

I cry every time I hear taps or Amazing Grace!

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My dad - stateside during WWII (Army)

My Uncle Frank - in Japan during WWII (Army)

My husband Joe - Army - 82nd Airborne during Vietnam Era

My husband's Uncle Joe (his namesake) killed in the Battle of the Bulge

Joe's Nephew Joey - currently in AirForce. Has been stationed in Germany, has done two tours in Iraq, one tour in United Emmirates, Germany and currently in England. Heard hes coming home in December!!

I am proud of every one of them!!!!

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My Dad-career Air Force (navigator and radar evaluation). Died 08/2000 of prostate cancer.

My Mom-Air Force (NCO, left the service when she married my dad, officer. Back in those days, it was a big no-no to fraternize). She lives on our property in her own little house my husband built for her. She tells folks she lives in my back yard. :lol::lol::lol:

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