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6 months today


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Hi Karma1976,

Yes I too lost my dad when I was 9 years old. I still have not forgotten him. The pain has gone away but not the memories. I can still feel is presents and see his face. I used to go every way he went. They used too tell me I was attached to his leg I was with him so much. It’s never easy losing a father. Hang in there and enjoy the memories but do not forget. The pain will subside over time. I’m sure both of our fathers are looking down at us and would want both of us to be happy and continue on with everyday life and too enjoy it too the fullest. Peace, take care and God Bless.


My 2-cents in battling cancer: Stay positive and focused. Never give up, never give in. Take one-step and one day at a time. Never take no for an answer. Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Lots of laughing and yes even crying. It rejuvenates the body. And a lot of praying to the big guy.

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Thanks I know he is around. As some of you may know from previous posts I have his watch he wore the night he passed (they took it off in the process of his admittance cause he had hospital identification on) So that faithful night after all happened when i gathered his stuff i grabbed the watch and put it on just cause I had a lot of stuff. I Left it on to this day. last night this watch NEVER wakes me up on a work night. Weekends yes i am usually out late sooo i am up for it. It is set at an odd time due to him setting it for AM thinking it was PM. well last night it went off and i woke up to it. he passed away at 12:55 and later that night when we had to deal with my mom and aunt in the ER it went off and last night it went off and i woke to it which never happens so i took it as a hello. I smiled said hello dad and went back to bed :D

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What a lovely and touching story, Karma. After my Dad died, my mother swore that any time she got home after dark, one certain lamp in the living room would be on, even though she hadn't left any lights on. I wanted to believe it was Dad, but of course I was a bit skeptical.

I returned home to be with her on the one-year anniversary of his death, and the night before the anniversary, we talked about him, joked about the light coming on, and then we went to bed. We turned all the lights off, and - yes, you guessed it - that one particular lamp was on when we woke up in the morning. The lamp is one of a pair of brass lamps that were Dad's favorites - he had purchased them himself in Japan or China. He used to take great pride in keeping them shiny. So it's natural that he would choose that to show us he was still around. As if we didn't know, Dad.

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Thank you mirell and teresa! Teresa ANOTHER story i am cutting and pasting from a previous post a while ago about a month after he passed i think....

here it is....they ARE around NO DOUBT

so my dad's work buddies stopped by my mom house today they gave her a card from everyone with $1000 in it. presented a duplicate plaque to her that they have put up at his desk in GE that says here worked a hardworking so on and on man James F. Santilli who can not be replaced on and on, and included his employee badge number 446...how sweet huh, i was all like chocked up when my mom read it...here is the freak part and like i said this has been happening all the da_ _ time now. I have one of my dad's watches the one he wore up till his death, my mom said i found his other old watch, you know what time it has been going off since she found it like 3 days after his death 4:46 am. my dad would NEVER set it for that early he worked the 3rd shift.......my mother said i took the watch down for the bedroom and showed them they were all freaked out and she never knew that was his employee id was 446 and i promise you he would have NEVER set it for that time regardless.

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